About Us


Hello, I am Laurie and this is my beautiful daughter, Makayla. We have competed for years in pageants and of course been to our share of homecoming dances and proms.  

If you have a daughter then you know that each outfit must have a matching pair of earrings. God forbid we ask our daughters to wear the same pair of earrings with multiple outfits!


If you've been down this path you know how expensive this can be for a truly elegant pair of earrings. If you haven't gone down this path...you will. 

In pageants and prom, and even homecoming, there are so many different outfits, and I was going broke buying good quality earrings! I was also having trouble finding earrings that matched each dress color. There just had to be a better way.


L&M Bling Pageant Earrings and Fashion Jewelry is my answer to the challenges of finding quality earrings and accessories that are affordable enough to purchase for pageants, proms, and homecoming year after year. I work with wholesale dealers every day to bring you the highest quality jewelry at the most affordable prices. Our wish is for your daughter to have the most gorgeous earrings for every formal event.  Don't worry, we even have earrings to make sure mamma looks great too!!

If you don't see the size, color or design you need, just let me know. I have access to even more than what's on the website!


Why purchase from L&M Bling? Aside from the great quality and pricing, L&M Bling offers personalized service to you, our customer! Need help matching earrings and other accessories to your outfits Just shoot us a picture of your wardrobe and we will send you multiple suggestions to choose from and work with you until you've found the perfect accessories!  Our customers are so much more than just a purchase.  They end up being life long friends!


Fill out our contact form here on the web page, or, chat with me on Facebook www.facebook.com/LNMBling/messages/.